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With a China-based factory covering 10,000+ Sqms, Bkvalve supplies clients with cost-effective valves that meet international standards.

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10+ Years of Experience in Valve Manufacturing

Specializing in butterfly valve but not limited to

Established in 2008 and created by a team of machinists with 15 years of experience in valve industry, Bkvalve is one of the leading industrial valves manufacturers specializing in butterfly valves, gate valves, and other valves.

Full production line and one stop service enable Bkvalve to supply high integrity valves for a wide array of applications.

Serving over 100 clients worldwide, Bkvalve is capable of giving a reliable custom solution with its expertise and profession. With over 100 employees, our in-house teams support every customer from product design to aftermarket service perfectly.

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Why Bkvalve

  • Full Production Capability
    • · Production process from designing to packaging under one roof
    • · Making molds in-house by advanced CNC machines
  • Premium Quality
    • · Producing valve based on customer and industrial standards
    • · Full inspection process for quality valve
  • On-Time Delivery
    • · A vast and reliable network of quality suppliers
    • · Owning an inventory program full of spare parts
  • Competitive Price
    • · Costs about 15%-20% less than that of our peers.
    • · Good partnership with reliant raw material suppliers

One-Stop Service

Offered through every stage of your project

  • 1


    Offering the right valve option fit for your application.

  • 2


    Giving a perfect design sketch based on your required performance.

  • 3


    Produce your valve efficiently and precisely by full production lines.

  • 4


    Conducting a series of tests to ensure valves of high sealing performance.

  • 5


    Offering cut-to-size wooden cases for your custom valve.

  • 6


    Guaranteeing all valve parts within 12 months.

Customize Your Valve

Industries We Serve

To customize the industrial valve with appropriate pressure and size so that the controlling component can work well in the piping system.

Control Quality for You-Required Standard

Equipped with various testing machines and staffed by experienced inspectors, Bkvalve offers every valve that is of optimal performance.

  • Valveseat house

    Material Testing

  • stock house

    Thickness Testing

  • s08 img3

    Dimension Testing

  • s08 img4

    Hardness Testing

  • Valvebody Check

    Weight Testing

  • bkvalve valve test

    Pressure Testing

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Catch Sight of Our Manufacturing Process

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  • s09 img2
  • s09 img3
  • s09 img4
  • s09 img5
  • s09 img6
  • Designing
  • Casting
  • Machining
  • Assembling
  • Painting
  • Packaging
  • As the standards of manufacturing valve vary in different countries, the engineering team in Bkvalve follows the updates of these standards and incorporates any applicable changes that affect the design, regulations and performance of our valve.

    Using the advanced technology such as Solid Works® and Auto CAD®, our design team can offer you a drawing with all details clear.

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  • With self-made cast steel components, Bkvalve supplies clients with high quality valves based on customer-required measurement at a wholesale price.

    Advanced casting technology in Bkvalve has enhanced valve productivity. It enables us to produce valves as fast as within 5 days, faster than most of our peers.

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  • The in-house machining facility is capable of processing a wide range of valve components in different materials, such as carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. Moreover, it can produce the components with close precision tolerance, which contributes to both the grades of CNC machines and the level of machining expertise in Bkvalve.

    With the enhanced CNC programming methodologies, Bkvalve realizes efficient set-up with optimal cycle times that ensures timely product deliveries to our customers.

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  • Strengthened by subtle technique in surface finishing, specialists are excellent at painting the valve the right color with the sheet-required thickness.

    Supported by a series of painting tools, Bkvalve is capable of painting the valve with no more than 8 mm.

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  • Guided by production flow chart, Bkvalve machinists assemble the valve components part by part by a series of machining tools, which requires their techniques in installment.

    During the process, the inspectors review the measurement of valve from time to time to ensure that the finished product without any burs reach industrial standard.

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  • With an in-house packaging production line, Bkvalve offers optional packaging choices, including composite material box and wooden case that has been fumigated.

    In Bkvalve, a cut-to-size wooden box to accommodate your valve is the standard, protecting your product from damage during delivery.

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