D381X Groove Butterfly Valve

D(3)81X Groove Butterfly Valve

  • Diameter(DN): 50-200
  • Pressure(MPa): 1.0-2.5
  • 24 months guarantee
  • Rating :Material Will be Selected According to Services
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  • D381X Groove Butterfly Valve D

    Valve Standard: Conforms To MISS SP67 I BS EN 593:2009
    Grooved Ends: to suit BS or ANSI pipe size

    • Feature

      Trench (clamp) connected to the valve is the introduction of the United States and Germany similar advanced products and the design and manufacture of a series of new connection valve. It has fast installation, simple, safe, reliable, and without installation site constraints, so that pipeline and valve repair and maintenance, a vibration noise and certain angle range have overcome the pipeline connecting different axis and imitation, solve the temperature generated advantages such as thermal expansion and contraction.

    • Application

      Widely used in conveying fluid drainage pipes, fire, air, gas, petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment, municipal, shipbuilding and other pipeline projects as a control fluid.

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