Your Oil And Gas Valves Manufacturers

With customized molds and ever-developing production technology, Bkvalve has always worked towards distributing zero-leakage valves.

Whether you are operating upstream, midstream or downstream in the oil and gas industry, increasing product quality from Bkvalve improves your operating process, and worker safety.

With over 10 years of industrial experience, our team has long worked on tailoring each quote to your specific application.

In the oil and gas industry, the applications may include

  • • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • • LNG Production
  • • Molecular Sieves
  • • Downstream Refining
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Make Custom Valves for Oil And Gas Industry

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    Various sizes, from DN50 ~ DN1200, accommodates your needs. Casting with custom molds also helps prepare for different demands.

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    With easy access to stailess steel and other materials,  Bkvalve produce our valves faster than most factories.

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    Valve Components

    A full inventory of valve parts are ready to be assembled and properly inspected for faults. With help from our foundry, we can efficiently deliver within the deadline.

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    Placing your logo on valves expands your business’ visibility while assuring your customers of your company’s quality.

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    Quality paint gives your valve an added coating for protection and attracts your end customers to product quality. Offering different color schemes meet your preferences.