Reliable valves are essential to your customers’ operation and safety. As a leading China valve manufacturer, Bkvalve provides high-quality components for controlling flow, temperature, pressure, and much more.

Oil, chemical, gas, and other companies have been utilizing our products for more than 15 years. With our accumulated experience, Bkvalve can incorporate various materials like carbon, bronze, and stainless steel to produce premium control parts, meeting your business needs as well as global standards.

Get the Right Valve to Fit Your Industry

  • Right Design
  • Right Size
  • Right Material
  • Different piping conditions require specific valves with the right design and components to create an efficient seal.

    Your clients can enjoy streamlined production and minimize maintenance costs when they use a perfect fit valve.

    Choosing appropriate valve is easy with our experts who will work with you by determining which designs are suitable for specific uses.

  • Size matters when it comes to selecting the right valve for any business operation. Following the dimensions, specifications make Bkvalve components compatible with nearly any piping systems.

    Installing the right valve base on the size can lead to a consistent productivity rate. Bkvalve can help you build brand loyalty by providing appropriately sized valves for the right industry or market.

  • Maintaining a consistent flow rate of a specific medium requires valves made with suitable materials.

    Fluoropolymer linings can handle corrosive mediums while metal seated valves are suitable for piping operations with intense vibrations.

    Bkvalve valve can be produced from cast iron, stainless steel, and other materials to handle high pressure, corrosive mediums, and other hazards.

    Producing valves with the right materials that adapt to different piping conditions is achievable through Bkvalve. With our expertise, your business can drive customer satisfaction rates.

Bkvalve Capacity

  • Pressure(PN)

    From 1.6MPa to 25MPa

  • Temperature

    From -50℃ to +150℃

  • Flow Medium

    • Gas    • Oil    • Fluid    • Solid

  • Diameters(DN)

    From DN 50 to DN 3500