Your Reliant Valve Manufacturer in Mechanical Industry

Valves used in mining and mineral processing must withstand incredibly abrasive slurries and dry media that can be detrimental to the valve lifespan.  Collaborating with BkValve gets you the most affordable quality valves on the market, due to our in-stock inventory of essential parts.

Applications in the industry included but not limited to:

  • •Mineral Processing
  • •Chloride Leaching
  • •Paste Backfill
  • •Tailings Distribution
  • •Smelting
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Make Custom Valves for Miming Industry

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    Ready with custom molds for various sizes, our factory ensures that the industry valves meeting all your requirements perfectly fit your applications.

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    Higher quality materials like cast iron are not vulnerable to rust and damage. Easily accessible materials for manufacture also contributes to you valve with cost-effectiveness.

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    Valve Components

    Molded and stored in our inventory, our in-stock components are assembled at a moment’s notice when we receive orders.

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    Your logo can be customized on our valves for visibility, which help you expand brand awareness.

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    Using high quality paint to add a layer of damage protection and coloring, Bkvalve ensures that all our valves are suitable for use and display.