Hard Sealing Wafer Butterfly Valve

D3/6/973H/Y/W Hard Sealing Wafer Butterfly Valve

  • Diameter(DN): 50-1600
  • Pressure: 1.0MPa/1.6MPa/2.5MPa
  • Transmission:handle,worm gear,pneumatic,electric
  • Rating :Material Will be Selected According to Services
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Product Details

  • Design Standards
  • Parameters
  • Materials
  • Features
  • Applications
  • D36973HYW Hard Sealing Wafer Butterfly Valve

    Performance Standard

    1.The product manufacture and acceptance requirements in accordance with JB/8527- 97 “metal sealing butterfly valve” standard.

    2.The lateral flange connection with GB9115.6- 10- 88 “national standards” provisions of steel pipe flanges.

    3.The length of the structure with GB12221-89 “flange connection metal valve structure length’ in the clip on butterfly valve in series structure short length standard.

    • Application

      This product is safe and reliable, small coefficient of flow resistance, high temperature resistance, suitable for corrosive medium and so on. As the adjusting and stopping equipment, widely used in the process of steam, hot water, water, oil, gas, natural gas, chemical, acid alkali and salt in the pipeline.

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