Diverse Valve Parts In Stock

  • Valve Body
  • Valve Disc
  • Valve Stem
  • Valve Seat
  • Valve Seal
  • The valve designed to apply to API, JIS GB other common standards. Body outer coating can be used epoxy resin coating,polyamide (nylon) coating and fluorocarbon resin coating,can be applied to different working environment.

  • A chip design, on the edge of the valve plate by the spherical surtace processing and manual polishing. low operating torque force, seat the advantages of long service life and sealing performance is good.

  • Integral stem structure ensures the dependable and positive plate control.

    Bushing reduces driving torque, support stem,separated with body, reduces wear of stem.

  • Unique design of combination tongue- and-groove seat can completely isolating medium body with tube. Compared with other similar valve, it has a seat installation is firm, fast and convenient to replace, the advantages of small torque. Seating surfaces are moulded into the integration of the O-rings,don't need to install additional flange gasket.

  • This type of fluid and valve body, valve stem seal completely isolated, the primary seal is made by mechanical processing and manual polishing disc shoulder preloading contact with the inner surface of the seat to get. Seal is by the stem and valve seat hole of the interference fit.