Companies utilize gate valves as a controllable barrier that can open or close. Most Bkvalve gate valves use a wedge-shaped plate that does not obstruct the flow when the valve is open. The design of the gate valve allows workers to minimize pressure in the valve and allow access to the pipes for regular cleaning.

Gate Valve Capacity in Bkvalve

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Multiple Choices Avaliable When Customizing Gate Valve

By Material

  • • forged steel gate valve

    Reinforcing piping valves with intense pressure and temperatures require Bkvalve’s forged steel valve. The material gives our gates better tensile strength to handle gas and chemical companies’ operation. Only do business with reputable forged steel gate valve manufacturers like Bkvalve to provide your clients with quality products.

  • • stainless steel gate valves

    Food and medical companies need gate valves made with SS304 to prevent contamination of the product and reduce the corrosion rate. Bkvalve stainless steel gates made with SS316 is highly resistant against acid and other caustic media.

    Bring your brand to a higher position in the market with quality products from Bkvalve, one of the country’s long-running stainless steel gate valves manufacturers.

  • • ductile iron gate valves

    Nodule-shaped graphite in our ductile iron gate valve can withstand damaging vibrations and high pressure. Bkvalve’s piping component is suitable for fire protection organizations, paper manufacturers, and more. Never compromise by only doing business with experienced ductile iron gate valves manufacturers like Bkvalve to build your brand.

  • • Cast iron gate valve

    Made from molten metal, cast iron valves have higher temperature thresholds than other components. Our liquid metal made valves are suitable for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning usage. Make a strong impression with leading companies by buying from cast iron gate valves manufacturers that offer competitive prices on quality piping components like Bkvalve.

By Gate Design

  • • wedge gate valve

    Standard gate valves have wedge plates that enter a slot structure to stop the flow. Because of the design, our wedge gates have less motion resistance and require less torque to control the valve. Working with trusted wedge gate valve manufacturers like Bkvalve will help you diversify your marketing strategy.

  • • parallel slide gate valve

    Parallel slide valves use a middle disc that slides in the middle of seat rings to create a tight seal. The sliding mechanism can remove particles from the disc to lessen the risk of erosion and leaks. Create reliable piping components for various businesses with Bkvalve, one of China’s leading parallel slide gate valves manufacturers.

  • • knife valve

    Bladed edge is the main feature of Bkvalve’s knife gate valve that cuts through a granular solid or thick liquid. The unique feature of our gate prevents any small particles from blocking the seat to create a solid seal for certain piping operations. Market your brand to most food or car lube companies with reliable knife valves manufacturers like Bkvalve.