Bkvalve In Figures

  • 50,000

    Pcs Annualy Yielded

  • 500+

    Projects Served

  • 100+

    Clients Served

  • 10,000

    Square Meters Occupied

Leading Industrial Valves Manufacturer

With a China-located factory, Bkvalve has been an expert in valve manufacturing for more than 10 years, developing from a small-scale workshop to a well-managed plant.

Owing to its strong production capacity and extensive supplier network, Bkvalve can offer a wide array of industrial valves, such as butterfly valve, gate valve, check valve and ball valve.

With innovative technology and full experience, Bkvalve has been committed to offering high-performance valves for diverse industries, including gas, petroleum, power, paper, construction and water.

Dedicated to serving clients worldwide, we supply valves with the right options at a reasonable price so that you can attain greater achievement in the industry.

A Glance At Our Factory

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    Material Warehouse

  • s04 img2

    Casting Foundry

  • Casting Workshop

    Casting Workshop

  • s04 img4

    Assembly Workshop

  • pack

    Packaging Workshop

  • s04 img7 1

    Machining Workshop

  • stock house

    Valvebody House

  • Valvebody Check

    Valvebody Check

  • Valveseat house

    Seat warehouse

  • ware house2

    Accessories warehouse

  • stock

    Product warehouse

  • Goods delivery

    Goods delivery

Certified By

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    ISO 9001 Certificate

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    ISO 14001 Certificate

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    OHSAS18001 Certificate

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  • Gongjiang 14001 2015 Environmental english

  • Gongjiang 18001 health english

Bkvalve’s Mission

"To high-quality products and one-stop custom service in the valve industry.

Safety Is Everything

With the development philosophy being friendly-environmental, Bkvalve with an integrated production system gives utmost attention to both product quality and safety.

Equipped with control mechanisms during the whole manufacturing process, Bkvalve can deliver precise valves that come up to customer expectations.

Besides, with long-term experience in serving clients through the stage from designing to maintaining, our experts have the confidence to offer service valves for different fields.

Thus our up-to-standard valves fit for specific operation work ensure the safety of the worker and system in your industry.