• ISO9001 Certified
  • ISO14001 Certified
  • OHSAS18001 Certified
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    Every industrial valve varies as it consists of different components to function well as a controlling part in the piping system.

    With more than 10 years of experience in providing innovative design, Bkvalve satisfies customer needs in product design by turning the concept into the sketch.

    To make a drawing conformed to your specification, Bkvalve designers use solid work and auto CAD software to realize product simulation and visualization.

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    Model Making

    A butterfly valve certified by industrial standard and customer requirement relies on the success of a molding process, which is what Bkvalve good at.

    With over 10 years of experience in the industry, skilled specialists can manage the molding process technically by utilizing customized waxing production lines.

    Empowered by the comprehensive vacuum casting system, Bkvalve makes wax models efficiently and turns out a mold with ideal shape, pattern, and size.

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    Fixing & Assembling

    As the wax model cools, a Bkvalve technician takes it out of the tooling and then inspects it cautiously to ensure there are no burrs or breaks or that the valve mold will withstand the melted metal in the upcoming process.

    Besides, our specialist uses tools to get all mold parts together to form the valve body of a butterfly valve perfectly.

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    To produce a sturdy outer garment for the valve body, Bkvalve develops a customized shell production line, by which a valve body has to undergo 25 steps in the process of sanding.

    During the process, about 25 senior technicians in Bkvalve co-work to guarantee that the sanding is evenly covered on the shell.

    To ensure a smooth and firm inner cavity of the shell, our specialists inspect the shells layer by layer and pick out the quality ones to enter the next casting.

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    Dewaxing & Sintering

    Empowered by first-rate dewaxing equipment, experienced dewaxing technicians in Bkvalve can separate the shell and wax film desperately and efficiently. The whole lost waxing process takes just a few minutes.

    Accomplishing a perfect shell burning process requires proper conversion of high, medium and low temperatures, which contributes to the high level technology and considerable experience. Bkvalve can do it by baking the valve evenly. The heat stability ensures that the shell does not deform during the firing process, and does not shrink.

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    Melting & Pouring

    The electric furnace in Bkvalve can melt the metal into a molten liquid efficiently and stably. Our senior pouring technicians uniformly pour the melted metal into the inside of the casing in seconds and control the generation of bubbles effectively.

    Their expertise boosts the stable internal structure of the valve body,  which improves its strength and hardness, resulting in a long service life.

    Besides, with the resin sand and coated sand casting technology, the casting process has been fully mechanized, which effectively saves the casting costs.

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    After our specialists knock out the valve body, its surface will get sanded repeatedly for a smooth appearance.

    As an essential controlling component in the piping system, the quality of the industrial valve is of significance as any error of it may cause loss to the whole system.

    Our professionals will trim the corners and finish the surface of the valve body utilizing grinding machines to minimize the precision tolerance.

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    Machining& Assembling

    The raw materials are issued to the machine shop for machining through material requisition slips. Valve body, bonnet, valve seat, spindles etc. are machined on center lathe machine, after which all the components are checked by vernier calipers or micrometers.