With a disc to stop or allow substances from entering, the butterfly valve featured with easy to manipulate is the common pipe component.

Compatible with different end flange to suit various pipes, concentric or resilient-seated butterfly valves in Bkvalve is ideal for handling granular food, chemicals, and other liquid media. Because of the middle stem manipulating the disc, media flowing through the pipe has zero contact with the body.

Controlling the flow efficiently and accurately is achievable with Bkvalve’s butterfly valve, as it is produced by molding based on your-required measurement. Targeting specific industries is accessible thanks to the versatile and reliable quality of our zero offset butterfly gate.

Butterfly Valve Capacity in Bkvalve

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Why Choose Butterfly Valve

Cost-effective than other types of industrial valves

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    Light Weight
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    Light Weight

Butterfly valve features long life expectancy as it can keep excellent sealing performance that prevents the pipeline from leakage when it has been rotated more than 10,000 times.

Besides, compared to other types of valves, the butterfly valve requires minimal maintenance when put into use. Since it can regulate the flow flexibly by the movement of stem, the butterfly valve is free from getting blocked up with dirt.

Using the butterfly valve enables the operator to control the piping system easily as it offers complete closure or opening by rotating 1/4 turn (90 degrees).

The gate valve and the check valve differ due to their operating structure. The operator needs to rotate the set-up a lot to turn the valve from on to off.

The size of the butterfly valve occupies approximately 1/6 of the counterpart of the gate valve.  For the entire piping system, increasing every cubic foot of the space means an increase of the cost.

For instance, a butterfly valve with a nominal diameter of 10 inches is approximately 21 inches high, while the counterpart of a gate valve is as high as 43 inches.

The cost of installing a light butterfly valve is much less than that of a cast-iron gate valve.

For example, a butterfly valve with a 10-inch nominal diameter weighs about 50 pounds, while a cast-iron gate valve with the same diameter weighs about 500 pounds. For the entire piping system, the decrease in installing costs of the butterfly valve is considerable.

Saving the weight of the valve can reduce the costs of the entire piping system. Because the heavier the piping system, the stronger the pipe support base is required, in which case an increase in costs of the whole system is needed.

Multiple Choices Avaliable When Customizing Butterfly Valve

By Material

  • • Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve

    Trusted SS butterfly valves manufacturers like Bkvalve can supply your business with piping gates made from different types of stainless steel such as SS304 and SS316. With different SS graded butterfly valves, you can bring in clients from specific industries.

  • • Cast Iron Butterfly Valve

    Cast iron butterfly valves are suitable for HVAC, cold and hot water, compressed air, and sprinkler protection systems. The material can handle intense temperatures. Bkvalve produces a butterfly valve made of carbon steel that lets you bring your brand to targeted customers.

  • • Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve

    For clients that require high ductility and pressure resistance, ductile iron butterfly valves have better structural integrity to meet their needs. Bkvalve builds valve by ductile iron specifications to help you market your brand to customers with gas, steam, or oil pipeline systems.

By Disc Closure Design

  • • Concentric butterfly valve

    Concentric butterfly valves control the flow with a disc attached to a central stem. As one of the leading butterfly valve manufacturers in China with more than 10 years of experience, Bkvalve’s zero offset disc closure design provides efficient handling of specific mediums.

By Operation Modes

  • • Manual butterfly valve

    Butterfly valves with human-operated actuators are versatile for residential and industrial use since these piping system gates are controlled with a handle or wheel. Our team produces butterfly valves with the manual operation that have a high life span and are easy to control.

  • • Pneumatic butterfly valve

    By using air to control the flow within a piping system, the pneumatic actuator is a cost-effective solution for the Bkvalve butterfly to move large pipe gates since it is power-saving and easy to control.

    You can rely on our piping component since Bkvalve is one of the pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturers that utilize strict QC inspections.

  • • Electirc butterfly valve

    Motor, powered by electricity, turns the actuator nut of an electric butterfly valve. With a controller component, end users can accurately turn the gate to a specific degree. Bkvalve builds electric butterfly valve with high success rates thanks to our experienced workers.

By Body Design

  • • Wafer type butterfly valve

    Wafer butterfly valves are lighter than other valves because of their simple design. Our wafer pipe gates come with more than one centering holes for easy installation. Bkvalve uses only high-grade materials when our team is producing wafer type butterfly valves to ensure you receive high-quality piping products.

  • • Lug type butterfly valve

    The lug version of our butterfly valves comes with bolt-holes that can connect to pipe flanges. Because

    of its design, this component can be attached at the end of most piping systems. Bkvalve can make a lug type butterfly valve that suits specific industries, which helps you diversify your marketing campaign.

  • • Flanged butterfly valve

    Flanged butterfly valves come with round bolt-hole faces on both sides that make them suitable for large pipes and valves with flanged faces. Bkvalve uses strict cost-control measures in manufacturing flanged butterfly valves to provide you with competitive prices on our products.

By Packing

  • • PTFE lined butterfly valve

    Fluoropolymer (PTFE) lined butterfly valve can handle various chemical mediums since the material is highly resistant against corrosion and has a low leakage risk.

    As one of the leading Teflon lined butterfly valve manufacturers, we thoroughly test our PTFE lined products to help you build high customer satisfaction rates.