• Professional Consultation
  • Unique Design
  • Free Sample
  • Efficient Manufacturing
  • Strong Packaging
  • After-Sales Warranty
  • Professional Consultation

    Professional Consultation

    Answer any question you want to know

    Identifying the kind of valves you need for a piping system during consultation helps you save the project budget.

    Our consulting service handles many areas that we can assist, such as valve specification and design review for your projects and controlling the size and selection of your valves. We in BkValve produce results that will benefit your business in the long run with our practical advice and suggestions.

  • Unique Design

    Unique Design

    Based on your-sheet requirements

    Designing your valves to match industry standards, BkValve houses an experienced team of designers that knows current market trends and valve designs.

    Skilled in product design and market requirement, designers from our team can offer a sketch based on your-required performance.

    We aim to make our valves met in-house 3D Solid Works and 2D AutoCAD capabilities. Documenting t see our products’ efficiency helps us review the design of all our valves to prepare for anything.

  • Free Sample

    Free Sample

    In-stock valve be sampled

    Offering you free samples from our inventory helps you decide quickly on what products your industry needs.

    When we deliver the samples, expect that we are working on your order within the deadline thanks to our in-stock valves.

    We also have sufficient spare parts inventory available so that we deliver every product within our 5-day turnaround time.

  • Efficient Manufacturing

    Efficient Manufacturing

    Make your valve with close precesion tolerance

    Producing valves in as fast as 5 days takes careful work and our full production management system delivers on industry demands with efficiency.

    While most of our peers take 20 days to manufacture their product line, we have a full inventory of spare parts and custom molds to speed up the process.

  • Customised Packaging

    Customised Packaging

    Cut-to-size case available

    Packaging all your orders with care, BkValve uses only the most durable and secure packaging that protects valves from damage.

    Individualized wooden cases fit the specified size of the valves and are able to withstand harsh elements that may occur during transit.

    Delivering our products safely is what we assure you as our packaging service helps us prepare for anything.

  • After-Sales Warranty

    After-Sales Warranty

    One-year guaranteed

    Beside, if additonal order is needed, within 12 months, our stock of valves is prepared and all their components ready for assembly.

    We ensure that our services are readily available for when you require them.

    From customization of our products to consultation and careful packaging, we guarantee that we go beyond the expectations of the industry to help you in your product needs