Stopping or closing the flow only requires a quarter-turn of the ball valve, a spherical component suitable for various applications such as steam and condensation piping.

As a professional ball valve manufacturer,  Bkvalve delivers all ball valve from our factory that goes through careful inspections, to ensure all your orders are in excellent condition.

The reliability and long life-span of our ball valves can help your business form long-lasting cooperation with specific markets.

Ball Valve Capacity in Bkvalve

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Multiple Choices Avaliable When Customizing Ball Valve

By Number of Pieces

  • • 1 piece ball valve

    One-piece ball valves are Bkvalve’s economical piping component that is made with a solid shell. The minimalist design of our product significantly reduces the risk of any leakage. Bkvalve can make 1 piece ball valve products with a high-performance rate and long lifespan. Create a lasting impression with our ball valves to drive brand awareness.

  • • 1 piece ball valve

    Standard ball valves usually consist of two components connected at each end of the shell. With only two components, leakages are less likely to happen with the pipe parts. Bkvalve produces a 2-piece ball valve in different materials to match the needs of specific industries. Market your brand to targeted companies with our range of products.

  • • 3 piece ball valve

    As the name implies, three-piece ball valves have two end caps and the main body part. Workers can easily remove and attach the pipe part thanks to its design, which lessens maintenance time and effort. Buy only from trusted 3 piece ball valve manufacturers like Bkvalve to ensure a high customer satisfaction rate for your brand.

By Valve Passway

  • • By Valve Passway

    Companies utilize Bkvalve’s full port ball valve for operations with low flow resistance. The valve’s bore diameter has the same size as the pipe to allow liquid mixtures to travel through. Partnering with experienced full port ball valve manufacturers like Bkvalve can raise brand awareness thanks to our quality products.

  • • Reduced Port Ball Valve

    Sphere gates of Bkvalve’s reduced port ball valve are smaller than the pipe’s body. The size provides companies with a cost-effective solution to controlling the flow since the reduced port gates do not require additional support. High performing piping products of reputable reduced port ball valve manufacturers such as Bkvalve can bring your marketing campaign to the next level.

By Material

  • • Stainless Steel Ball Valve

    Handling corrosive materials and maintaining a sanitized inner environment involves the use of a Bkvalves stainless steel ball valve. Valves can be made from SS304, SS316, or SS316L to handle various medium of medical, gas, or food production facilities. Expect products with a long lifespan from credible stainless steel ball valves manufacturers to raise your company’s referral rates.

  • • Carbon Steel Ball Valve

    Carbon steel ball valve manufacturers are sought after by various companies that require cost-effective piping control. The steel material is incredibly cheap and can withstand intense heat or sub-zero temperatures. With Bkvalve’s reliable carbon steel ball valve, you can drive your company’s profit margins.

By Ball Movements

  • • Trunnion mounted ball valve

    Trunnion sets, short shaft like components, anchor the spherical gate of Bkvalve trunnion mounted ball valve. The unique anchor takes in most of the thrust from the pressure to bring down friction rate between the seat and sphere. Bkvalve can help you bring in customers from the power and gas industry since we are one of the country’s trusted trunnion ball valve manufacturers.

  • • Trunnion mounted ball valve

    Holding the spherical gate in place in Bkvalve’s floating ball valve is the stem. Without any trunnion, the sphere floats with the flow. Pressure from the medium’s movement pushes the sphere gate towards the seat to create a seal. Drive traffic to your business with Bkvalve’s products, one of China’s leading floating ball valve manufacturers.