Your Hydraulic Valve Manufacturers

Highly trained valve experts help you choose the right valve for your application.

Meeting government standards for wastewater regulation and water desalination are BkValve valves, which regulate the flow of any liquid at your leisure.

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Make Custom Valves for Water Industry

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    Readily available in many sizes, from DN50 ~ DN1200, our valves are casted using custom molds to cater to your requests.

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    Certified materials that meet various design standards is easily accessible and can be readily made for Bkvalve.

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    Valve Components

    Valve components either in stock or made under roof from custom molds that fit your specified sizes and standard.

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    The presence of a logo assures customers of the valve’s quality.  BkValve designs your brand upon your request of presence and visibility.

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    Adding color to our valves provides protection from wear and damage. The paint we use maintains the valve’s quality.