Full Rubber Coated Wafer Check Valve Series

Full Rubber Coated Wafer Check Valve Series

  • Diameter(DN): 50-500
  • Pressure(MPa): 1.0-2.5
  • 24 months guarantee
  • Rating :Material Will be Selected According to Services
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Product Details

  • Design Standards
  • Parameters
  • Materials
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Full Rubber Coated Wafer Check Valve Series 1

    Performance Standard

    1. Flange connection size: GB/T17241.6-98

    2. Structure length: GB/T12221-89,ISO5752-89

    • Feature

      1.Small size, light weight, compact structure, convenient maintenance.

      2.Valve plate using dual, In the spring of the elastic moment can be automatically closed.

      3.Due to quick closing. can prevent the media back, eliminating the strong effect of water hammer.

      4.Body structure with small size, good rigidty. safety and reliablity.

      5.Completely sealed, water presssure test leakage is zero.

      6.The Installation is convenient and can be used for horizontal and vertical Installaton in two directions.

    • Suitable Medium
      • Fresh water,
      • Sewage,
      • Seawater,
      • Air,
      • Steam,
      • Food,
      • Medicine,
      • Various oils,
      • Acids

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