Your Specialized Valve Manufacturer in Paper Industry

With full range of production capability and a wide area of supply network, Bkvalve can make the perfect fit valve for your application.

Since the pulp and paper industry use a myriad of caustic and corrosive chemicals during production, Bkvalve has an assortment of critical service valves that more than meet the challenges, providing cost-effectiveness and quick delivery.

We supply valves for applications including but not limited to:

  • •Steam Isolation
  • •Liquor Isolation
  • •Boiler Vents and Drains
  • •Lime Mud Isolation
  • •Digestor Blowdown
  • •Black Liquor
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Make Custom Valves for Paper Industry

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    Custom molds built in-house to accommodate different valve sizes,    ranging from DN50 to DN1200, help us prepare for your requests.

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    Easily-accessible materials help us produce our components faster than most small factories. Being ahead in terms of material quality and compatibility, our valves can meet with industry demands.

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    Valve Components

    With custom parts that match your requirements, we assemble valves in a few days. Adding treatment to each part ensures their durability and long life.

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    Logo placement is easily taken care of with our customization options, as branding is made easier with our team’s experience in bringing your business to a wider audience.

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    Treating your valve with specific color ensure surface protection and aesthetic.