Hard Sealing Butt Welding Butterfly Valve

D3/6/963H/Y/W Hard Sealing Butt-Welding Butterfly Valve

  • Diameter(DN): 80-2400
  • Pressure(MPa): 0.6-4.0
  • Applicable temperature:
  • Carbon steel: – 29℃~425℃
  • stainless stoel:- 40℃~600℃
  • Rating :Material Will be Selected According to Services
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Product Details

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  • Parameters
  • Materials
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  • Applications
  • D36963HYW Hard Sealing Butt Welding Butterfly Valve D

    Performance Standard

    1.The product manufacture and acceptance requirements in accordance with JB/8527- 97 “metal sealing butterfly valve” standard.

    2.The lateral flange connection with GB9115.6- 10- 88 “national standards” provisions of stee pipe flange.

    3.The length of the structure with GB12221-89 “flange connection metal valve structure length’ in the clip on butterfly valve in series structure short length standard.

    • Application

      The products are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, oil refining,water supply and drainage engineering etc..

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