H77X WaferType Butterfly Check Valve

H77X Wafer Type Butterfly Check Valve

  • Diameter(DN): 40-700
  • Pressure(MPa): 1.0-2.5
  • Suitable temperature:- 15≤150°C
  • Rating :Material Will be Selected According to Services
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Product Details

  • Design Standards
  • Parameters
  • Materials
  • Features
  • Applications
  • H77X Wafer Type Butterfly Check Valve D

    Performance Standard

    1. Flange connection size: GB/T17241.6-98

    2. Structure length: GB/T12221-89,ISO5752-89

    • Features
      • 1.Small size, light weight, compact structure, convenient maintenance.
      • 2.Valve plate using dual, In the spring of the elastic moment can be automatically closed.
      • 3.Due to quick closing. can prevent the media back, eliminating the strong effect of water hammer.
      • 4.Body structure with small size, good rigidty. safety and reliablity.
      • 5.Completely sealed, water presssure test leakage is zero.
      • 6.The installation is convenient and can be used for horizontal and vertical installaton in two directions.
    • Suitable Medium
      • Freshwater,
      • Sewage,
      • Seawater,
      • Air,
      • Steam,
      • Food,
      • Medicine,
      • Various oils,
      • Acids

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